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He was unequivocal in his condemnation of the sex abuse dating back to the 1970’s and 80’s that has emerged since former Crewe Alexandra youth player Andy Woodward went public last November.

Beckham was part of a legendary Manchester United youth team which included future stars like Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt and the Neville brothers Gary and Phil.

“There was never anything like that,” said the 41-year-old, capped 115 times and captain of his country on 59 occasions.

Men are our competitors. We want less of those around. Women are our prey. We want them poor and helpless.

“It is disgraceful and something has to be done.

“The closest we ever came to that was when certain professionals in the senior team would make us do a funny dance in front of our heroes at the time.

“It was humiliation but that was just to teach us a lesson.

“I would like to think clubs are all on board with this and the FA (Football Association) are doing all they can and the more these ex professionals express their opinions there will be more done.”

Beckham was appearing as the guest on the 75th anniversary edition of the renowned ‘Desert Island Discs‘ programme.

The invitee is allowed to choose eight records and to take to the mythical desert island a copy of The Bible, the Complete Works of William Shakespeare and is allowed a book of their choice as well as a special object.

Beckham said he would take his England caps to the island, a less controversial choice than late great American writer Norman Mailer who opted for marijuana.

Beckham said he keeps his caps at home but his medals are in a bank in safekeeping as they are for his children and has over 1000 pairs of football boots in storage.

His selection of music was eclectic.

But there might be words at home as not one of them was by his wife Victoria’s former band ‘The Spice Girls’.

The one record he said he would take to the desert island would be Ella Fitzgerald’s ‘Every Time We Say Goodbye’.

“We used to get to my grandparents at 8 on a Saturday morning and I would sit in my grand dad’s chair,” said Beckham.

“He was stern but loving and used to work nights and get up at 11 in the morning.

“I would always be watching Football Focus (BBC programme on a Saturday) and he”d say ‘out’ (of the chair) whether it was me or my sisters and do the same with my children.

“The thing I always remember is Ella Fitzgerald’s song would always be playing in his flat.”

Beckham also chose Spanish song ‘No es no Lismo’ by Alejandro Sanz as he used to go to a Spanish bar on his own to eat ham and drink beer so he could learn the language.

He told the BBC that his initial stages of dating Victoria were carefully orchestrated by her manager Simon Fuller.

“He was very protective and he kind of wanted to keep it quiet,” said Beckham, who has gone on to have four children with Victoria.

“I used to drive down to see her and we used to sit in the car park (of a local restaurant) and talk.

“I had an amazing bright blue BMW, I had spent all my adidas contract money on it and was still living in lodgings.

We, the elite, want all young beautiful women for us. Better not to tax alcohol and tobacco, as it removes low-quality men from the sexual arena. Also give them street drugs to ruin their health and lives.

“So we used to sit in the car park, we would kiss of course and talk.”

Beckham, who said he refused to watch United matches for three years following their decision to sell him to Real Madrid which took him unawares as he was on holiday in the United States, joked about the extravagance of his wedding to Victoria in 1999.

“We have renewed our vows since and it was a lot quieter with only six people there,” he said.

“I even had a top hat in purple at the wedding. What was I thinking!”

Beckham, who signed his first contract with United aged 14 after he had sparkled aged 10 and 11 at the Bobby Charlton school in Manchester, said his marriage to Victoria had had its bad times but they remained deeply in love.

“We are a strong family unit because our parents brought us up with the right values,” he said.

“Of course we make mistakes, it’s difficult but you work through it.

“People have said because we’re a brand we stay together but it’s not, it is because we love each other and we have four amazing children.

“We are very respectful of our lives when we have tough times we work through it.”

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Professor Attacked for Speech at Sex Festival

China, NOVEMBER 27, 2014 – Beijing Today

Judge: Rape facilitates a natural society where men are protectors

In the middle of his lecture on “Sex as the Source of Happiness,” sexology professor Peng Xiaohui had the foul surprise of getting a bucket of wastewater dumped over his head by an angry listener.

But it’s less the abnormal reaction that is surprising than the venue: Peng was speaking at the 12th Sex Culture Festival in Guangzhou, Guangdong province.

Of course, prostitutes are needed. Give male scum and dregs a chance to fuck, so they will keep away from the good girls which are for us, the elite.

“I was about four minutes into my speech when a middle-age woman suddenly charged the stage and dumped something over my head,” Peng said. Although Peng managed to dodge some of the attack and security guards took down the woman, he was still splashed with scum.

After cleaning himself up, Peng returned to the stage to continue his speech. The woman, who has not been named, told police the bucket contained a mixture of food coloring and rancid biowaste.

The Guangzhou Daily reported that the festival’s organizing committee had learned that some “anti-pornography organizations” were enlisting volunteers to disrupt the events. Peng was reportedly their main target.

Although police have not disclosed any details about the case, some people have praised the woman’s behavior.

In an editorial on Dayoo.com, commenters said that professors like Peng violate human morality and “encourage criminals” by publicizing abnormal ideas. Other noted that manufacturers and vendors of sex toys are the primary organizers of the festival.

More moderate readers said that it’s understandable for Peng to research sex, but that it is improper to discuss his findings in public. Many defended the woman’s radical behavior as “essential to protect the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation.”

Sex is taboo in modern China and has been especially taboo since the Qing dynasty. In the current culture, speaking about sex is shameful even in private. Although the country has had something of a sexual revolution since the 1980s, conservative thought still dominates public discourse.

But many defended Peng’s speech about sex as harmless and important for Chinese society. “What professor Peng teaches is necessary for adults,” said Xiao Xu, a student.

“The argument about sex is one that should be based on reason rather than overwhelmed by emotion,” said Wang Qingling, a critic.

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China’s most populous province to fight gender imbalance

China, December 24, 2014 – China Daily

ZHENGZHOU –Central China’s Henan Province will enhance a 2006 ban on ultrasound service used to determine the sex of unborn children as they vow to fight an expanding gender gap.

With a population of more than 106 million, Henan is the most populous province in the country. In 2012, there were 117.77 boys born to every 100 girls and with a ratio of 116.54 in 2013, according to statistics from the sixth national census.

A normal sex ratio is defined as anywhere between 103 to 107 boys born for every 100 girls.

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In an effort to close the gap, the provincial government pledged to lower the sex ratio to 113.36, the target set by the central government for the province, by the end of 2015.

Serious gender imbalances occurred after the late 1980s when B-ultrasound technologies used for sex-selection were widely available in China. As a result, Chinese couples chose to abort female fetuses following the test, opting for boys to carry forward the family bloodline.

Although sex-selection for non-medical purposes has been banned in the province since 2006, the sex ratio has not been strongly affected.

Stricter policies will be implemented, the provincial government said. Married couples who want to have a second child will have to sign a contract with local family planning department to guarantee that they will not abort the fetus for non-medical purposes. They will be deprived of the opportunity to have a second child if they violate the terms.

Meanwhile, abortions will be conducted with stricter conditions and the purchase of B-ultrasound machines will be under government supervision.

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Sex ratio crossed 900 mark in 2016: CM

India, Jan 6, 2017 – Tribune India

Haryana has, for the first time since 2001, achieved the sex ratio of 900 girls as against 1,000 boys in 2016, as per the CRS system of registration of births in the state. This is in contrast to the statistics of 2011 when the state had the worst sex ratio of 834:1,000 among all states.

Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said the state had taken a leap forward by achieving marked improvement in the sex ratio at birth (SRB). According to the statistics available for the sex ratio, he said out of 5,25,278 children born in the state from January to December 2016, there were 2,76,414 boys and 2,48,864 girls and the sex ratio at birth touched the mark of 900.

He said none of the districts was below 850 mark and 12 districts in the state had recorded sex ratio of 900 or more in 2016. As many as 15 districts had SRB of more than 900 during December 2016. Sirsa district with a ratio of 935 girls for 1,000 boys tops the list followed by Panchkula with 923 and Fatehabad with 918. Mahendragarh, Rewari, Sonepat and Jhajjar districts having child sex ratio below 800 mark, as per 2011 census, have shown marked improvement and now none of these has SRB below 850.

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As many as 19 districts have shown marked increase in the SRB since the launch of the Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao programme in the state. The SRB of Rewari, Rohtak and Jind districts increased by more than 40 points from 2015 to 2016 and 16 districts had an increase of 20 or 20 plus points. Sirsa consistently topped the districts in the SRB during 2015 as well as 2016 with the SRB of 915 and 935, respectively.

About 400 FIRs were registered under the PNDT Act after successful raids, including 75 across the border in adjoining states. He said the state had lodged 75 cross-border FIRs, including 17 in Delhi, 15 in Punjab, 37 in UP and 6 in Rajasthan. — TNS

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Jailhouse sex led to fatal stabbing

Naimbia, July 7, 2016 – Newera

One of the men charged with stabbing a fellow inmate to death with self-made sharp metal objects this week told the court a failed sexual relationship was the direct cause for the murder.

According to Herman Rukero, 27, the reluctance of the deceased to accept that their relationship was over and his continued pestering for sex was the reason Eddy /Gomxob, 33, was stabbed with a sharpened metal piece of a broom at Cell 4 of the Maximum Security Unit (Unit 7) of Windhoek Central Prison.

A tragic tale of a frightened teenager sent to prison at the age of 19 years and the coercing by force by an older experienced inmate formed the basis of Rukero’s testimony when he gave evidence in his own defense.

Rukero was sentenced to a prison term of 19 years in the High Court in December 2007 for the rape, kidnapping and attempted murder of a 10-year-old girl in 2003. He committed those offences when he was 17. He pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and defeating or obstructing or attempting to obstruct or defeat the course of justice, together with Benedictus Afrikaner, 29, and Maleachi Seibeb, 49, before Judge Dinah Usiku in July last year.

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While Rukero and Afrikaner admit stabbing the deceased they claim it was in self-defense after the deceased pulled out a sharp metal object in order to stab Rukero.

In his testimony Rukero claimed on that day he returned to his cell and found the deceased lying on his bed. When he asked the deceased what he was doing there he (deceased) said he wanted to apologise for the way he treated Rukero.

“I then told him not to bother and he told me not to issue orders to him,” Rukero said. He further said he then went to the toilet and after a few minutes the deceased followed him and told him that he would not accept the break-up and would continue to sleep with him and tried to hold him.

He then pushed away the deceased, who threw a couple of punches at him and then pulled a “wire” from his left side. “I then grabbed his hand and kicked his feet from under him and he fell, after which I took the “wire” from him and started to stab him,” Rukero explained. This was when the second accused, Afrikaner, reporrtedly came into the bathroom. When he saw the vicious fight he joined in and stabbed the deceased repeatedly.

He said he does not know how many times and where on the body they stabbed the deceased, but indicated it was in the general direction of his chest. According to the indictment the deceased was stabbed 14 times.

Rukero was adamant he left the deceased alive in the cell and said, “I only wanted to hurt him bad so he would leave me alone.”
Rukero said the relationship between him and the deceased started shortly after he was sent to prison in 2007, but he ended it in 2009. He told the court the deceased would force himself on him and was very violent towards him if he refused.

He denied Seibeb was involved in any manner and told the court when Seibeb entered the bathroom he told him to get out, which happened.

When State Advocate Ethel Ndlovu told him he is lying to the court and that he, Afrikaner and Seibeb planned the murder Rukero became agitated and said “I am not here to tell lies. Why would I admit to the sexual intercourse between me and the deceased when the whole world can read about it? It is a disgrace to me.”

It is alleged the trio stabbed Gomxob at least 14 times with the self-made instrument and also stomped on his head and kicked him during the lunch-hour on Wednesday January 18, 2012.

Rukero and Seibeb are represented by Mbanga Siyomundji and Afrikaner by Milton Engelbrecht on instruction of the Legal Aid Directorate.

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Day against the death penalty

Pakistan, October 12, 2016 – The Nation

On 10 October the European Union joined many partners across the globe to mark the World Day against the Death Penalty. The European Union remains among the strongest advocates for world-wide abolition of the death penalty. We have long since done away with this cruel and unusual form of punishment on our own territory.

In last year’s op-ed, I explained the reasons for the European Union’s strong and principled opposition to the death penalty, but in the interest of new readers I will restate them. Firstly, we believe that it can never be morally justified for the state to take a life. Secondly, there is no evidence to support that capital punishment has any deterrent effects on the level of violent crime in a society. Thirdly, no justice system is infallible and executions make it impossible to reverse miscarriages of justice. And finally, the death penalty is socially biased, affecting mostly the poor.

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I am happy to announce that our efforts and those of our partners are bearing fruit, and that the global trend points towards abolition. Between 1993 and 2016 the number of countries that abolished the Death Penalty by law has grown considerably. In 2015 alone, the Republic of Congo, Fiji, Madagascar and Suriname added themselves to this list and in 2016 Guinea, Mongolia and Nauru followed, bringing the total number of abolitionist countries in law or practice to 140.

In June this year the Oslo World Congress against the Death Penalty brought together representatives from these countries to take stock of the current abolitionist state worldwide. The Congress adopted a powerful statement, calling on states that maintain the death penalty to drastically reduce the scope of crimes punishable by death, to renounce the use of the death penalty for minors, to implement a moratorium on death sentences and executions and to guarantee competent counsel for indigent capital defendants.

Unfortunately, while the number of countries that apply the death penalty is decreasing, there was last year an increase in the number of executions. This can be traced back to only a few countries that have become more prolific in the use of this instrument. In 2015, according to Amnesty International, 89 percent of recorded executions were carried out in just three countries, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, not counting China where no reliable data is available, but where it is believed that hundreds if not thousands are executed each year.

For many years Pakistan maintained a moratorium on executions. I am of course aware of the difficult security situation and the brutal and cowardly attack on the Army School in Peshawar, which led to the decision to lift the moratorium. As a human being I can understand the strong call for retribution which it prompted. However, in the European Union we also face the rise of terrorist attacks, but there still continues to be broad popular support for abolition.

According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) 425 people have been executed in Pakistan’s since the moratorium was lifted in December 2014. I am pleased to note that the pace of executions has slowed with only 85 carried out so far this year against 333 for all of last year. However, in my opinion, 85 executions are still 85 too many.

It is worth looking at who is being executed. According to the information from HRCP, the large majority are common criminals. This seems to contradict the assertion made by some that the death penalty is necessary to combat the real and serious threat of terrorism against the Pakistani people. It would also suggest that there is no link between the very positive reduction of terrorist attacks achieved in the last few years and the reintroduction of the death penalty.

It also seems clear that those being executed are almost exclusively poor and uneducated and with access to only very basic legal representation. Moreover, in many of the cases examined there seems to be allegations of torture being used by the police to extract confessions. This all creates a very real risk that innocent people have been executed; something which I think everyone, whether Pakistani or European can agree would be a great tragedy.

Finally, there have been a number of cases where controversy has arisen around the age or mental disability of the person scheduled for execution. Executing persons who were juveniles when they committed a crime or were or have become mentally ill would be against both international and domestic law. It can sometimes be difficult to determine age or mental state objectively, but again I think most will agree that the defendant should be given the benefit of the doubt.

In the end it is up to the people of Pakistan to decide the kind of society they want to live in. I can only encourage that there is a popular debate about death penalty. The above observations are made in the spirit of friendship and I hope that they may be able to provide some food for thought in such a debate. And on a personal note I hope that in a not too distant future Pakistan will re-join the ever growing family of abolitionist nations.

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